Buying Used Truck Scales

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Buying a new truck scale is a significant investment.  Many consider purchasing a used scale or imported scale off the internet.  The savings by purchasing a used truck scale may be right for your company, if the right scale is purchased at the right price.

Defining your business needs should be your initial priority.

  • What type of equipment is going to be weighed
    • Equipment dimensions
      • Overall length
      • Width
      • Distance between axles
    • Gross weights of vehicles being weighed
    • Will the scale be used for commercial purposes?
  • Daily volume of vehicles to be weighed
  • What commodity is being weighed?
  • How will owning a truck scale benefit your company?
    • Will interfacing the scale with your current computer system save time and labor costs?
    • Is it for inter-company use only or will items be bought and/or sold over the scale.

Evaluate the scales.

Now that you have found a used scale how do you assess it?  Truck scales are used hard and abused by both drivers and Mother Nature. If it has already been removed from the foundation – does it work properly?

  • Is the weigh-bridge structurally sound?
  • Can the weighing modules and stands be removed without damage?
  • What support structure will be needed at the new location, and what will it cost?
    • Does it allow for easy cleaning and routine maintenance?
  • Is there adequate room for vehicles to access and exit the scale easily and not create traffic problems? Did you allow sufficient room for state regulated approaches and ramps.
  • Are all the critical components available, and functioning properly?
  • If intended for commercial use ensure it is NTEP approved and has a COC.
    • To verify if a scale is approved; the following website lists if the scale has a certificate of conformance –
    • What additional local, state and federal requirements apply to commercial use?

We can help with your planning and evaluation, contact our sales department for more information.