Calibration Reporting – Certificate Retrieval System

NEW  Calibration Reporting System – Retrieving Certificates

Security Scale is proud to announce our new certification system. We have partnered with Qualer™ to bring you an online asset management system. The new system is an asset-based database allowing the customer enhanced search capabilities and tools for managing your scale equipment.  Your calibration data is accessible online, from anywhere, at any time. This system gives you the ability to request and monitor repairs, retrieve your scale(s) history, adjustments made, traceability and print calibration reports.  Your internal auditing is simplified.

Other enhancements include:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution
  • Real-time service order status
  • Customer ability to add new scales, or other equipment to be serviced

During this transition, there are two files with certifications.  The old system certifications are contained in the file named ‘Legacy CRS System’.  All other certifications are in ‘Qualer™ On-Line Asset Management System’.

 View a sample certificate

How To Get Started

  1. Get your login: Call Security Scale today at (800) 572-2140.
  2. Log in to the Qualer™ System
  3. Search for your desired asset(s): Once you logged in – enter a serial number or asset tag, scan a barcode or browse your comprehensive asset list in the Asset Manager.
  4. Download your reports: Once you find the asset, view the asset’s service history, select the desired work order, download the desired documentation.

Become an expert: Schedule your 1-on-1 training today. Call the Qualer™ team at (858) 224-0881 and they will set up a complimentary training to help you get the most out of this powerful system.

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A2LA Cert. No. 1820.01 CALIBRATION

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Use the button below to login to our legacy CRS management system.

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