Load Testing

WEIGHTS Available

Safety Load testing requires that certified test weights be used. Whether you are testing a structure, crane, monorail, jib, lifting beam or sling we can help by supplying the additional weight needed. We have over 100,000 pounds of certified test weights available that are traceable and re-certified annually. We currently have five service locations outfitted with six heavy capacity test trucks so a truck is near your jobsite saving you money on transportation charges. Four test trucks are equipped with self-powered weight carts allowing us to transport weights beyond the unloading site and into buildings. The carts are also certified and traceable allowing them to be used as lifting baskets.

Elevators, Escalators and Special Fixtures

OSHA and ANSI/ASME regulations require elevators and escalators be stress tested at capacity load limits. When testing multiple elevators banks, inspectors often require additional weights. We can supply the weights needed to reduce your inspection time saving both you and your customer money.

We also supply weights to facilitate load testing of special lift fixtures both on-site and off.


Many companies require safety load tests after normal business hours and on week-ends to limit the impact to their business. Call us to discuss your next load test. We can provide the weights needed by your inspectors at your convenience.

Certified Weights – up to 100,000 lbs available

100,000 lbs – Ready for transport to your site
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