Rental Scales

Our Rental Inventory – Weighing solutions for almost any application

Bench Scales

Bench scales are available in 10, 25 and 50 pound capacities with a size that makes them convenient to move and place where needed.  These scales are NTEP approved and certified prior to each rental, and although their keyboards are intuitive, we offer training on proper use and will set-up as requested.

Counting Scales

Whether part counting or inventory control, counting scales are your answer to an efficient count with a high degree of accuracy for large volumes of identical parts. The scales are 99% accurate with even the lightest weight parts, minimizing errors that may result from manual counting.

Counting scales can be paired with portable wheeled 1000 pound platform scales allowing expedited counting by being able to weigh larger part containers.  Scales can be easily moved between areas within your factory or warehouse saving your staff time from transporting inventory to and from the scale.

Contact us for a demonstration as to how these may save you time on your next inventory.

Floor Scales

Platform scales have up to 48“x 48“decks and 5,000 pound capacities.  Instrumentation will be selected based on your weighing requirements.  Scale ramps to facilitate easier loading and unloading using carts or hand trucks are available.

Truck Scales

Our self-contained modular truck scale is an 11 feet wide by 70 feet long with a capacity of 200,000 pounds.  It has steel deck that is equipped with guide rails.  The scale sits only 19 inches high with an NTEP/CLC certified rating of 90,000 pounds. Set-up can usually be completed in less than four hours on a flat, stable surface due to the special engineered modular sections.  On and off ramps are generally constructed using stone backfill.   When no longer needed the scale will be removed and the area is easily re-graded since no permanent structures were required.

Crane Scales

A crane scale may be the best choice when needing to weigh non-standard oversize loads such as items too large, awkward or heavy for a floor scale or that cannot be readily lifted and moved to a static scale.

A crane scale will accurately weigh products up to 40,000 lbs.

Certified Weights for Rent

All test weights are certified and traceable to NIST.  25, 50, 500 and 1000 pound weights are offered.  We have 100,000 pounds of certified test weights and can deliver any amount to your location in our specially designed weight trucks.

Reasons To Rent a Scale System

  • Seasonal Needs
  • Inventory
  • Short Term Replacement
  • Emergency Replacement
  • Equipment Trial / Evaluation

How It Works

 Call Today – Weigh Tomorrow

Our rental scales are kept in inventory and are ready for delivery and installation.

As demand may be seasonal, calling as far in advance as possible and reserving the system is strongly encouraged.

Emergency Installation can be done but is subject to availability of rental systems.

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