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Commercial Fishing

There is a reason commercial fishing is often referred to as one of the dangerous jobs -one only has to watch a single episode of commercial fishing program on television to see the inherent dangers. Equipment must be robust enough to endure freshwater to saltwater, rain, fog, ice, high humidity and blazing sun plus pressure wash downs.

To maintain freshness and viability the sea’s bounty must move quickly from catch to package. Boats offloading their catch rely on hanging and crane scales along with dynamometers (available in anodized aluminum and stainless steel) to record their catch weight for payment.  Processing requires stainless steel floor scales with the seafood plant using checkweighers, bench and automated conveyor scales to expedite the process.  Fresh fish markets require retail scales which we have available in both hanging and bench models.  Our industrial rated scales are designed to withstand this environment while providing NSF approved sanitation designs and IP wash-down certifications.  They will pass USDA inspections and meet or exceed HACCP criteria.

Agricultural and Forestry Scales

Field Crops

Agricultural products; including grains, corn, peanuts, soybeans, rice and millet have moved away from volume measures to weight. Bulk handling from the field to the grain elevator requires dependable and accurate scales.  We offer technology solutions that start with weighing grain carts in the field capable of measuring harvest transactions and transmitting the data to harvest management systems.  Vehicles can be weighed using truck scales.  If you need a portable truck scale to set up a temporary weigh station, we have rentals available.  Grain elevators can be upgraded with silo and hopper scales to expeditiously handle the inbound and outbound movement of product.  Dependability is critical during these short harvest windows. Accessorizing your scales improves productivity with specialized software, remote displays and on-board printers.  Specialized apps allow the scales to be monitored up to 400 feet away via hand held devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.   Options to download the scale data into a thumb drive allowing data to be later uploaded to a PC are available.


Whether raising poultry, swine or cattle, rugged and reliable scale equipment is essential.  We offer scale equipment that can weigh feed distributed to cattle, poultry and hog feeders while recording tonnage, date/time, building and pen.  Specialized management software is available to assist in managing your flock or herd production.

Scales to perform single or gang weighings are available in both mobile and stationary models.  Various deck types are offered from rubberized textured planks over steel to concrete.  Instrumentation is designed with special filtering to remove the motion from livestock during the weighing process.

Scales are designed to meet both State and USDA guidelines.  Plus, we are familiar with scale testing and reporting required under the Packers and Stockyards Act.  Being able to perform the load testing for larger gang-type scales necessitates the need for large amounts of certified weights.  Not only can we supply the weights but have the self-propelled carts to reduce the time needed to calibrate livestock scales, saving you money.


Hauling logs profitably from the timber site to the mill requires maximizing loaded trailer weights to remain within legal load limits.  The longer the haul the greater the bottom line is impacted. Less than maximum loads eat in to your profits quickly. On the other hand, overweight fines and truck impoundments are costly and can shut down your operations.   Our solutions include on-board scales mounted to grapple loaders that are readable within the driver’s cab, wheel and axle weighers; as well as 70-foot-long portable truck scales.

Heli-logging operations, we have you covered with a wide selection of dynameters and crane scales.

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Mining and Aggregates

Truck scales are the core to any coal, stone, sand or aggregate operation.  Depending on the type of equipment to be weighed, from the behemoth off-road vehicles to railcars to over the road trucks we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in selecting the proper scales, installing and servicing them.  Our staff will walk you through the process beginning with a site survey to prevent common pitfalls other less experienced scale companies would overlook.  And as an added benefit, all of our technicians are MSHA certified to work on any above ground mine site in the United States. Larger operations that utilize the same hoppers for filling train cars and trucks may be well served with a combination truck/rail scale.  One scale capable of accurately weighing both rail car and over the road trucks.

Running conveyors from the pit to the crusher, storage piles or hoppers makes it difficult to track output tonnage for flow rate and production reports. A dynamic in motion conveyor scale may be the solution to your problem.  Conveyor belt scales can be installed into most existing belt systems with minimum retrofitting and produce accurate reliable data.

Front-end loaders can be outfitted with scales allowing increased productivity.  When outfitted with in-cab instrumentation operators can load any vehicles or transfer vessels at the pile.  This can be a major time-saving since the driver will no longer take time to run verify the weight on a truck scale.  Operational data can be recorded and transferred to a central processing location eliminating paperwork and manual errors from trying to read and key hand written information into a computer system.