Retail Scales

Retail Scales

Delicatessens, restaurants, grocery stores, butcher shops, fishmongers and poulterers need to be able to weigh, compute price and print a label for their products. Systems are available allowing up to 99 computing scales to be networked together (wired or wireless) so that price lookup units (PLUs) can be maintained from one central point. All editing and price changes are centralized and software packages can be installed to automatically log printed label data for inventory control. Custom label formatting to meet individual product or company requirements is available.

When only a single scale is needed, units are available able to handle 999 PLUs. This fills the needs for many hardware stores selling garden and grass seeds by weight or tobacconists custom blending mixtures for their customers.

And when larger platform computing scales as commonly found at bulk stores, farmer’s markets and ginseng buyers; we have available floor models with the indicators mounted on a stand and wheeled for portability.

Jewelry stores, pawn shops and apothecaries buying and selling precious metals, gem stones and other high value low weight materials require precision balances. We represent the top manufacturers’ in this area.

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