Scales for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals


Handling chemicals in a fluid form sometimes requires scale equipment have specific material construction. Chemical compounds may be caustic, corrosive or reactive to certain metals. Vapors, spillage and contamination present other points of consideration. Loads moving via tanker and rail cars off-loaded into storage silos have yet other weighing requisites. As an independent dealer, we have numerous manufacturers to choose equipment from and are able to assemble a scale solution to meet your needs. Majority of recommendations will result in operational improvements. Scale data can be transmitted seamlessly to a centralized data system via Ethernet, RF, WI-FI and Bluetooth reducing paper and lost productivity from having to write down the information.


When it comes to chemicals and pharmaceuticals improper mixtures can have a devastating impact. Load cell systems allow the precise measuring and mixing of chemicals using a programmable indicator controlling different weighing platforms. In many cases, load cells are retrofitted to existing equipment resulting in increased yields and reduced human errors. Automating your processes increases through-put and saves money by allowing existing equipment to handle increased production demand.


Weighing bulk chemicals packaged in bags, boxes, carboys, totes and IBCs may be better served by utilizing forklift mounted scales. They are definite time savers. Your operator no longer has to move the load to a static scale rather the load is weighed at pick-up. NTEP approved scales can be configured to store product data and electronically transmit the files to a centralized local or supervisors’ handheld. Records may include data such as; weight, PLU, operator IDs, time/date, barcoded information and batch numbers. This weighing method reduces the possibility of injury from personnel moving bags, boxes and drums onto and off of a platform scale.


If weighing within a hazardous atmosphere where flammable dust, fibers, fuels and vapors exist our ‘intrinsically safe’ solutions are your answer. This equipment and wiring is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration. Call us to discuss your situation and let us assist you in determining a solution.


Allow us to view your operation to understand your needs and partner with you to provide exceptional service and support with your scale and weighing needs. We have the experience, expertise and resources to integrate the right equipment into your business whether that is high viscosity processing, polymerization, solvent-exchange, drying, encapsulating or particle sizing or any other chemical processing format.

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