Truck Scales

Security Scale offers a wide-range of truck and vehicle scales

We represent several well-known scale manufacturers. Our dedicated Sales Team will evaluate your requirements to find the right scale that meets your needs.  The certified truck and vehicle scales we have available are performance tested to NIST, NTEP and ISO specifications at the factory.  We can provide a portable axle scale to a complete unattended truck scale weighing system up to a custom 300,000 pound off road vehicle scale.

Multiple deck types and mounting options

We can provide steel or concrete decks.  Scales may be surfaced mounted on level sites or installed in a pit configuration designed for reduced maintenance and easy clean out.   Each installation is unique, let our years of experience guide you to make the best decision for your site, application and budget.

Accredited Service Team

Our service group can provide the level of installation required.  Whether it is a turn-key solution including site and foundation work to performing a scale replacement within an existing foundation.  All of our technicians are state certified plus they receive continuous safety training.

Upgrades and accessories

If your current scale does not meet your needs; maybe it requires upgrading to be compliant with State and/or Federal regulations or integrated into your computer system resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiencies – contact us to explore your options.  We offer a full line of truck scale accessories including remote displays, printers, traffic lights, wireless communication and data transfer, unmanned kiosks, RFID reader and custom software.

Purchase or Rental Options

Truck scale purchases are a major capital investment and our lease options may be beneficial in your situation. For short term needs consider a rental scale. Read more about our rental options.

Many Accessories Available

Considering a Used Scale?

Buying a new truck scale is a significant investment.  Many consider purchasing a used scale or imported scale off the internet.  The savings by purchasing a used truck scale may be right for your company, if the right scale is purchased at the right price.  Use the link below to read more:

Buying Used Truck Scales
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Popular Products – Many More Available

Rail Scales

Diverse offering of rail scale solutions

Security Scale provided solutions include everything from removing a section of track to being able to perform unit train weighing.  Whether you need to weigh individual railcar trucks or entire cars we provide best in class rail scales that are robust enough to provide years of dependable and reliable service.

Static and dynamic weighing options

Rail scales configurations range from weighing cars statically or dynamically in-motion.  Legal for trade (NTEP) scales are available.  The scales we offer meet the requirements of the Association of American Railroads and Cooper E80 ratings.  Pitless design options available in both certified and non-certified scale models.


The right rail scale system impacts your bottom-line resulting in a quick ROI payback by eliminating overweight and unbalanced railcars.  Elimination of overweight fines and penalties. Excessive wear and tear on equipment and track.  Most importantly you gain control of your cash flow by knowing what flows into and out of your facility.

Combination Truck and Rail Scale

If you use the same hopper systems to fill both over the road trucks and rail cars, a combination truck/rail scale may be in your answer.  We also provide combination truck/rail scales that are NTEP approved legal-for-trade for highway vehicles.  These combination scales are built to handle locomotives, heavy laden rail cars and loaded trucks with complete safety.

Leasing opportunities are available for both our railroad and combination railroad/truck scales.

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Popular Products – Many More Available

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